Project: Union-Street

Digital Musician's Workshop + Community


Welcome to Project: Union-Street!

We are a group of musicians, artists, business-owners, techs, publishers, reps, and studio-engineers who have come together to form an artisan-community. Currently, planning our first true artist-workshops, digital-series, useful columns, and more but for now we are just getting started. Bear with us while we get things off the ground, and things are still under construction.

[Useful Stuff:]


Our Facebook presence is extremely diverse, and very active! Meet, discuss, and network with other artist in our community on Facebook.

Artists Resource-Center:

Event flyers, contracts, p.r – material, think – tank notes, audio ads, sessionagraphy hub, and more. This is one of the greatest resources available to people involved with Project: Union-Street.

Electronic Encyclopedia:

Band and artist details, biographies, picture of the month, various discography, current events. An exceptionally seasoned and well versed multimedia encyclopedia! – [under construction].


Innovative Creativity-Workshops, Summer-BBQs, Gigs, and Events. If you (or your band, venue, or business) wish to have YOUR show/event listed on our community calendar, drop us a a friendly word right HERE.

Lost and Found:

Lost belongings can be reported HERE, and then documented on the LOST AND FOUND – items found by Project: Union-Street or which are turned in to Project: Union-Street (for lost and found) are listed here.


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